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IEEE Sponsoring Multimedia Systems and 3D Events

The IEEE’s Broadcast Technology Society (BTS) has announced that it will be presenting an international symposium on “Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting,” and also a workshop on 3D television. Both events will take place in Shanghai, China’s International Convention Center. The symposium spans March 24-26, 2010, and the one-day 3D event will be held on March 23.

Symposium topics will cover multimedia systems and services, transmission and networking, multimedia processing, multimedia, multimedia devices and more. Emphasis is being placed on mobile TV, IPTV, datacasting, and portable, mobile and handheld devices, and will include both systems and service-deployment considerations.

Complete information on both events is available at the IEEE BTS Website,

Registration for both events is now being accepted and the BTS reminds prospective attendees that the cutoff for early symposium registration is Feb. 27.