IBC2014 New Product Line-up: F, G, H and I Companies

AMSTERDAM — TV Technology continues to sort through the raging Victoria Falls of IBC press releases for new technology and product introductions. No updates, demos or highlights are included here for the sake of information manageability, but select ones have been published separately. We apologize to anyone who is left out, and welcome feedback from show-goers on cool stuff and interesting observations. F, G, H and I follow the A’s and B’s, C’s, D’s, and, well, frankly, the E’s.

For-A Rolls Out XT2000 Vision Mixer
The new For-A XT2000 vision mixer features MELite, which For-A says gives the 2 M/E unit the power and functionality of a 6 M/E unit. MELite enables a traditional AUX bus to transform into a functional M/E with cut, mix, wipe and key control. The 4K compatible XT2000 also includes ONStage operator transition control, and the ability to preview a mix, wipe, or key change before it goes on air. For-A is also bring its new FRC-9000 4K HD frame-rate converter, which can be used as a 2xHD/SD-SDI frame-rate converter. Other products are making their Euro debuts. The latest version of FT-ONE-OPT, For-A’s 4K variable frame-rate camera, is also on hand.

Forbidden Technologies Releases Cloud Editing for iPad
Forbidden Technologies, maker of Forscene, announced that it has released a Forscene mobile app for iPad. Forscene users can perform simple edits on the iPad app.

Fraunhofer Brings Cool Stuff
Fraunhofer Digital Cinema Alliance is bringing “Never-before-seen innovations and final results and of the SpatialAV Project, the three-year initiative to eliminate the complexity of and enhance creativity for 3D production.”

Front Porch Digital Launches Distill in Europe
Front Porch Digital is launching Distill in the European market. Distill manages metadata in four steps—capture, process, manage, and retrieve.

Globecast Introduced Media Factory
Globecast is launching Media Factory, a converged workflow to prepare and playout content, pulling together the company’s global experience across the content and channel preparation sectors.

Grass Valley’s IP-Enabled Line Makes Euro Debut
In addition to the technology demonstration of its SDN-based application, Grass Valley’s other IP-enabled products making their European debut at IBC 2014 include current modular and router products like the Nvision 8500 IP Gateway and the IRG 3401 IP Gateway module for Densité.

Harmonic Announces New Polaris Playout Management Suite
Harmonic released Polaris playout management suite of tools, tightly integrated with Harmonic's market-leading Spectrum media server family and designed to address the full range of playout applications for broadcasters. The Polaris suite represents Harmonic's first offering in the emerging Media Orchestration category, which is important as workflows consolidate and simplify, and video delivery becomes virtualized.

HHB Debuts TC Electronic Loudness Algorithm
HHB Communications Ltd. is hosting the debut of the new aNorm loudness algorithm and the latest products from co-exhibitors TC Electronic, depicted at right. TC Electronic’s aNorm normalization algorithm provides loudness adjustment features for user-defined Targets for Program Loudness and Loudness Range. The new Butterfly Processing Meter that offers graphical and numerical displays of Program Loudness and Loudness Range parameters at all stages of the process. HHB is also hosting HHB the debut of the new RØDE Stereo VideoMic X microphones.

Hiltron Debuts HMFC Motorized Feed-Change Antenna Mount
Hiltron is introducing the new HMFC motorized feed-change antenna mount. The HMFC allows easy positioning of repositioning of waveguide horns on a motorized tray table. It can be used for antennas of various types and sizes. Two waveguide horns of different sizes can be attached, allowing signals from satellites operating in two different frequency bands to be received electrically selectable via a single antenna. Movement of the table is controlled via the Hiltron's HACU antenna control software. The waveguide horn for a desired frequency band can be aligned into the focal point of the reflector within 20 seconds.

Hive Lighting Brings Redesigned Wasp Plasma
Hive Lighting announced they have redesigned their flagship product, the Wasp Plasma PAR, to make it more versatile, lightweight, and cost-effective, with the same high output and low power draw common to Hive’s plasma lighting technology.

I-Movix Does 4K at 1,000 fps
I-Movix is debuting its 4K ultra-slow motion system, at right, to support both continuous super slow motion and ultra slow motion at frame rates of up to 1000 fps. Combining the core X10 ultra-motion technology with Vision Research’s Phantom Flex4K camera, X10 UHD supports operation in a range of modes to meet differing production requirements, and can be instantly re-configured for new 4K or HD shooting scenarios.

Ikegami Introduces HC-HD300 3-CMOS HD Camera, Four New Monitors
Ikegami is debuting the HC-HD300, a compact and “aggressively-priced” high-definition camera designed for a range of applications, pictured below left. The HC-HD300 is equipped with a 1/3-inch bayonet lens mount and employs three 1/3-inch CMOS progressive-scan sensors, each with 2.2 million pixels, in RGB prism formation. It delivers 1920x1080/59.94i, 1920x1080/50i, 1280x720/59.94p, 1280x720/50p and 720x480/59.94i (NTSC), 720x576/50i (PAL). Four new monitors are being introduced: The high-end HEM-2570W and HEM-1770WR plus the production-grade HLM-1751WR and HLM-1705WR. These will augment Ikegami’s existing range of monitors which include the production-grade HLM-3250W/HLM-2450WB and the HLE-2153G/HLE-1853G affordable 3G standard monitors.

Imagine Communications Debuts New Content Management and Rights Technology
Imagine is launching Zenium for Microsoft Azure Media Services, a software-defined workflow management platform; the Landmark Express suite of ad sales, rights and scheduling solutions for small and mid-sized broadcasters; the latest Nexio Channelbrand multichannel branding platform; Magellan SDN Orchestrating for managing hybrid baseband and IP facilities; VersioCloud, an integrated cloud playout platform, and the Nexio Ingest Site, a set of flexible software tools for managing content ingest and storage.