IBC Product Preview Part 2

Media 100 Version 11.5

Version 11.5 of Media 100 HD Suite, Media 100 HDe and Media 100 SDe introduce enhanced functionality and support for tapeless workflow. Highlights of the latest version include a FireWire connector, support for P2 cameras, improved integration of Boris Red, BorisFX and Graffiti, plus SDi audio support for the Media 100 HDX hardware.

IBC Stand 7.831

Miranda Technologies Xstation Playout Server

Miranda will be displaying the Xstation channel-in-a-box HD/SD playout server, based on the company's Vertigo XG graphics processor and Xmedia Suite graphics automation applications. The solution provides an automation system, video content and asset management sever, branding system, graphics engine, traffic system and HD up or down conversion. The Xstation's high-quality graphics engine permits a practically limitless amount of animated elements to be individually keyed at each layer.

IBC Stand 241

MSA Focus ForeTV

ForeTV, a next-generation traffic and billing suite from MSA Focus, gives users the ability to manage income from a wide range of broadcast sources, including advertising, sponsorship, iTV, PPV, VOD, NVOD, IPTV, SVOD and related merchandise. The solution can manage revenue from adverts and programs, as well as for promotions, interactive elements and secondary events such as sponsors' logos, all using one piece of dedicated hardware.

IBC Stand 8.319

MultiDyne DTV-250, RGB-5000-SXGA, EOS-4000, TP-RGB-1000 & HDM-2000

MultiDyne will be showcasing several new products. The DTV-250 Analog and Digital Audio Multiplexer and Demultiplexer for SDI supports 4 channels of analog audio or 2 Stereo AES/SPDIF channels per card. The latest addition to their RGB-5000 family is the Lower Cost, Single Fiber, RGB/SXGA Fiber Optic Transport System, which provides high-quality (up to 1280 x 1024) high-res RGB or VGA video sources via only one fiber.

The EOS-4000 Electro-Optical Switch is a transparent, non-blocking switch that provides high-speed switching between ports with minimum effect on latency, and is capable of moving any digital fiber optic signal from one point to multiple points.

The TP-RGB-1000, which transports RGB/UXGA and stereo audio over 1000 feet of UTP CAT 5, 5e and 6 cable, has a daisy-chain option that can send one source to multiple monitors.

The HDM-2000 Fiber Optic Extension Cable extends the distance limitations of HDMI digital video signals to 100 meters, and is available in lengths from 10 to 100 meters.

IBC Stand 2.116

NETIA Media Logging

With NETIA's Web-based Media Logging product range, broadcasters, telecom and mobile phone operators, and Internet companies can monitor radio and TV by the capture, indexing, transcoding, and distribution of audio and video content. Files are captured 24 hours a day into a database where they're individually examined, segmented, and completed with the necessary associated metadata in automatic or semi-automatic mode through the use of speech-to-text and image recognition techniques.

IBC Stand 8.321

Network Electronics VD256256L & HD256256L

Network Electronics will be showing the new 256 x 256 versions of the routers in their VikinX range, the VD256256L and HD256256L. The two provide fully hot-swappable module cards, built-in dual redundant power supply and fully redundant control architecture and controller functions. Also, the routers' debut marks the introduction of Network Electronics' 16-signal-wide Bridge Line bus, which allows any signal in the router to pass through the plug-in Flashlink signal processing and fiberoptic devices.

IBC Stand 8.330

Omneon MediaGrid

Omenon will be highlighting its MediaGrid Active Storage System, which combines grid storage and computing using multiple intelligent storage servers. These servers are independent, yet interconnected, providing centralized shared storage that's scalable in capacity, bandwidth and media processing power.

Extensions to MediaGrid that will be introduced this year are a functionality that utilizes the grid processing capabilities of the system, and an enhancement to MediaGrid's unique replication technique that enables automatic data replication across multiple locations in essence linking multiple MediaGrids within a single virtual file system.

IBC Stand 8.260