IABM Announces New Board

GLOUCESTERSHIRE, U.K.—The International Association of Broadcast Manufacturers (IABM) today announced the election of 10 new boards members, who will join five continuing members on the board.

New board members include: Dr. Jörg Pohlman of ARRI; Anne-Louise Buick of Avid; Nicolas Bourdon of EVS; Tim Shoulders of Grass Valley; David Phillips of Multicast Consultancy; Geir Bryn-Jensen of Nevion; Bea Alonso of Ooyala; Alison Pavitt of Pebble Beach; Peter Sykes of Sony; and Juergen Sommer of Vitec Group.

IABM board members, who serve two-year terms, chart the overall strategy of the organization, help direct IABM activities and are responsible for its policies.

Continuing IABM board members include: Andreas Hilmer, board chair, of Lawo; James Gilbert, immediate past chair, of Pixel Power; Nicki Fisher of Clear-Com; Glodina Connan-Lostanlen of Imagine Communications; and Anna Lockwood of Telstra.

Andreas Hilmer

Andreas Hilmer

Remaining members include the chairs of the APAC, EMEA and Americas IABM Regional Members’ Council, including Dennis Breckenridge of Elevate Broadcast, Ole Clausen of Danmon Group and Paul Stechly of Applied Electronics, respectively, as well as Vice Chair Graham Pitman, IABM CEO Peter White and Finance Director Lucinda Meek.

“Never before in my 16 years working for broadcast manufacturers have I seen such a burst of activity and creativity despite the disruptive changes facing manufacturers, service providers and broadcasters,” said IABM Board Chair Hilmer. “Helping to steer our industry through these turbulent times will be the mission of this newly elected board and IABM’s wonderful in-house team.”

Phil Kurz

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