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GlobeCast Acquires Software Company NETIA

Worldwide content delivery giant GlobeCast has acquired the entirety of NETIA, which develops audiovisual content management software.

NETIA has offices in France, the United States, Italy and Australia.

"For GlobeCast, which is seeking to optimise the development of its content management solutions for broadcasters, NETIA has shown itself to be the best possible partner in this effort," the companies said in a release. "NETIA, in turn, will benefit greatly from being a member of the GlobeCast Group as it looks to further its international expansion and the development of its innovative solutions."

NETIA will retain its identity administrative autonomy, the companies said.

NETIA's four product ranges, Radio-Assist (audio), Manreo (video), OpenNet (audio and video), and Media Logging (audio and video), allow content holders to manage their processes from capture to multichannel broadcasting over terrestrial channels, the Internet, mobile devices, and other channels.

"Joining the GlobeCast Group is an exceptional opportunity for our company to continue providing top-quality products to our broadcast customers, while allying ourselves with a powerful partner to take our offering to the next level," said NETIA CEO Christophe Carniel.

GlobeCast is a subsidiary of France Telecom.