FX Group launches new lighting group

In an effort to offer stations new ways to maintain high production values, while cutting costs, FX Group’s (NAB Booth R300) new lighting programs are now available from its recently launched lighting division.

The FX Group has expanded into providing lighting packages from top manufacturers worldwide. The advantage to stations is that FX can fully customize a station’s lighting design to create the ideal look.

The FX Group also offers a free lighting ROI evaluation. The process allows FX lighting experts to analyze a station’s lighting system and offer recommendations on using green lighting techniques that can help pay for themselves through reduced energy consumption and lower HVAC and lamp replacement costs.

Another FX Group cost-saving initiative is its Lighting Optimization Program. Once FX implements a lighting design for a station, the program includes periodic on-site maintenance visits to maximize HD/SD lighting plans. Essentially, these are mini lighting checkups throughout the year, which can have a dramatic impact on the consistency of a station’s look.