Fiber Companies Tout Broadband Video on Nationwide Tour

Four telecom equipment developers are on the road promoting their jointly created Headend-to-Home Solution to telephone companies and service providers. The H2H Solution combines hardware, software and professional services designed to deliver next-generation digital TV and other video services over broadband networks.

The nationwide tour is being conducted by Advanced Fibre Communications Inc., Myrio Corp., Riverstone Networks and H2H focuses on interoperability and streamlines the deployment of digital entertainment services such as broadcast TV and VOD services over a digital subscriber line. H2H is designed to help network operators remove the guesswork from equipment and software integration, allowing carriers to generate increased revenue through new service offerings.

The show began in Austin, Texas, and has visited Charlotte, N.C. and Lansing, Mich. On August 13 the tour will be in Springfield, Ill., followed by Minneapolis, Minn. on Aug. 15 and Sacramento, Calif. on Aug. 20.