Fast Forward Video To Offer Grass Valley REV PRO Storage Option For Analog Cameras

Announced at the Grass Valley Media Summit in Santa Monica, CA, Fast Forward Video will develop a new dockable digital recording solution for existing analog cameras that incorporates the Grass Valley REV PRO Digital Media Drive.

This collaborative development effort between Grass Valley and FFV is part of the Grass Valley Open Alliance Partner initiative and the Grass Valley REV PRO Certification Program. The REV PRO Certification Program includes companies like FFV, which have announced support for the IT-centric removable media and more open and flexible approaches to newsgathering and field production using the Grass Valley Infinity Series products.

As part of a new product line, Fast Forward Video will market an A/D conversion device using a built-in REV PRO drive that mounts on the back of an existing analog camera and converts the signal from analog to digital, so that it can be recorded on REV PRO media. This new product, in essence, turns the analog camera into a file-based digital recorder, supporting tapeless news and production workflows.

Users will gain all the advantages to capture, store, edit, exchange, and archive that comes from using removable REV PRO media, and thus provide a cost-effective alternative for customers making the conversion to a file-based infrastructure.

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