Eyeheight names DDG as American master reseller

The company will sell products such as Eyeheight's irisHD and vistaHD.

Eyeheight has appointed the Digital Design Group as its master reseller for Canada, the USA and South America.

Based in Santa Clara, CA, DDG was founded in 2002 by Frank Alioto, president and CEO, Ken Regnier vice-president and COO, and Steve Michelson, director of marketing communications.

DDG will sell Eyeheight products such as:

  • irisHD - an HD-SDI digital vision mixer with up to eight inputs
  • vistaHD - an ultra-compact A/B vision mixer
  • safeEyesHD graticule generator - provides guide markers for all common television and film formats

For more information visit www.eyeheight.com.