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EBU relies on Nevion for major broadcast events

The EBU is relying on Nevion to provide high-quality media transport for major broadcast events. The EBU has been a regular customer of both Nevion and T-VIPS, which recently merged, since the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

The EBU is using Nevion solutions to provide real-time contribution for worldwide transmissions of major sporting events and long-term sports league commitments, as well as general contribution sevices for its members. These solutions enable the EBU to maintain superior vide quality within a complex network and play a key role in helping it to provide continuous levels of service to its customers.

The Nevion solutions include Flashlink transport solutions and Ventura JPEG 2000 compression technology for ultra-low latency, high-quality video. They are positioned throughout the EBU's global network.

To secure operations continuity, monitoring tools including the TNS541 Seamless Monitoring Switch and the TNS546 TS Monitor have been deployed to prevent fallout and other errors in the contribution chain. The cProcessor CP525 cMUX Remultiplexer multiplexes and backhauls live camera feeds from major sporting events to central EBU locations, and enables it to use both traditional and IP networks simultaneously. The equipment is managed by the Connect management system, within a single interface, from its network operation center in Geneva.