Discreet products support new Silicon Graphics visual workstations

Discreet plans to support Silicon Graphics' Tezro visual workstation for upcoming releases of flame and flint visual effects systems, its smoke nonlinear editing and finishing systems, and the backdraft media management and background I/O system.

The Silicon Graphics Tezro workstation incorporates the bandwidth and capabilities for real-time data transfers of greater than 2K resolution as well as the integrated ability to handle high quality video I/O and graphics.

The new Tezro workstation has configurations ranging from one to four 64-bit RISC processors per workstation, up to seven integrated PCI-X slots and eight DIMM sockets for up to 8GB of memory. The workstation also incorporates SGI Vpro V12 graphics and the 10-bit DmediaPro HD/SD video I/O subsystem.

For more information visit www.discreet.com

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