Digimation Pens Deal With Avid, Softimage

New Orleans, LA--Digimation, publisher of a large library of 3D digital content, has entered into a new technology agreement with Avid Technology and its subsidiary, Softimage. Under this agreement, Digimation is including portions of its Premier 3D model library with the Avid 3D and SOFTIMAGE|XSI V.4.0 products. In addition, Digimation has announced plans to port selected tools from its line of 3D plug-ins to the Softimage family of 3D products.
"We're obviously very pleased to work with Avid and Softimage as we bring our products to a wider market," said David Avgikos, president of Digimation. "We're impressed with Avid and Softimage, not only because of the strength of their product offerings, but because of their end-to-end vision and company direction, in addition to their incredible third-party support. Avid and Softimage have been extremely responsive and collaborative as we work to bring our products to the Avid and Softimage customer base."
Under the terms of the agreement with Digimation, Avid 3D will offer a library of ready-to-render models and animation scenes from Digimation's library of Premier 3D models. In addition, Digimation will be releasing pre-packaged collections of 3D content created expressly for Avid 3D users. More than 100 high-quality models with textures--such as important model classifications commonly used by the video professional--are included free with Avid 3D.
Additionally, select Digimation models are now included with SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.4.0, the latest edition of Softimage's 3D content-creation software. "The powerful combination of Digimation model libraries with our Avid 3D and SOFTIMAGE|XSI solutions gives users instant access to pre-designed, high-quality models and textures for their productions," said Alan Waxenberg, business manager of third parties for Softimage. "Additionally, the porting of Digimation's top selling plug-ins and add-ons will offer 3-D artists the opportunity to easily migrate to XSI without sacrificing the third-party tools they already use."