Denmark's state broadcaster installs two SSL C100 consoles

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation DR, has successfully completed acceptance of two Solid State Logic 24 frame C100 Digital Broadcast Consoles. The consoles are destined for Studios 11 and 12 at the broadcaster’s Aarhus facility in Denmark, where they will replace existing analog consoles.

DR’s Aarhus facility produces radio and television programming including news, documentaries and light entertainment. The console upgrades are scheduled to take place throughout 2003, with Studio 11’s console due for installation in July and Studio 12’s in December. Both studios handle audio production for television.

DR is currently building a brand new all-digital broadcasting facility, DR Byen, near Copenhagen, which is scheduled for completion in 2006.

The C100, and its sibling, the C200, are the new thoroughbred digital consoles produced by SSL to address the critical on-air needs of the broadcast industry. The C100 is a small footprint, assignable console, specifically designed for on-air studio applications, such as news and sports, and live-to tape talk and game shows, where fast and efficient handling of sources and destinations are the most important aspects of the audio operator’s role. The transition to digital broadcast is fully addressed by the C100 Digital Broadcast Console, delivering the ultimate in operational efficiency in a cost-effective scalable solution.

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