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Deluxe Completes Acquisition of EFILM

Deluxe Laboratories recently completed the acquisition of EFILM after purchasing Panavision's 80 percent interest in the digital mastering and processing company. Deluxe already owned 20 percent of EFILM and now owns it outright.

Deluxe--a London-based subsidiary of Rank Group--processes approximately five billion feet of motion picture film per year for Hollywood studios.

EFILM generates digital masters, provides a high-resolution format for content conversion to all forms of media distribution and its credits include "Spider Man 2," The Day After Tomorrow" and "Van Helsing."

"With EFILM''s command of the digital intermediate process, filmmakers are constantly back and forth between EFILM and Deluxe when completing and preparing a motion picture for release. We can now offer this broad suite of services all under one umbrella company," said Cyril Drabinsky, president of Deluxe Laboratories.

Some of EFILM's tape-to-film services include 24p HD, DV, HTSC and Pal. Its technological capabilities include high-resolution scanners, 13 ARRI laser film recorders and more than 200 TB of storage space provided by SGI. Digital assembly, digital color timing and digital preview screenings are all part of the filmmaker's tool set.