DekTec releases DTAPI-TS SDK for Transport Stream analysis

DekTec has released a Transport Stream SDK that enables developers to rapidly integrate Transport Stream analysis into their applications. The DTAPI-TS can be used to retrieve information about services, PIDs and tables from a Transport Stream. The SDK package consists of a C++ library, documentation and examples.

Certain analysis functions such as bit-rate measurement, continuity count errors and scrambling status operate at transport-packet level. Other functions, such as establishing the video resolution, are implemented by partly decoding elementary streams and system-information tables. A full PCR analysis module is also included. Time- or memory-intensive functionality can be turned off in case it's not needed.

The C++ library is easy to use by calling the "NewPacket" function for each new transport packet that becomes available. After each packet, DTAPI-TS updates the lists of services, PIDs and tables. Callbacks can be registered for events such as "table has changed."

DTAPI-TS supports DVB-SI and ATSC PSIP and is available for Windows and Linux. The SDK is optimized for real-time operation but can be used offline as well.