Daystar TV Network Upgrades Comms With Riedel Gear

Daystar Television Network chooses Artist and Bolero
(Image credit: Riedel)

BURBANK, Calif.—Faith-based Daystar Television Network recently upgraded its communications capabilities with the addition of Riedel Communications’ Artist digital matrix system and Bolero wireless intercom, enabling clear communications between Daystar crew members at the network’s Dallas studio.

Daystar worked with the Austin, Texas-based Omega Broadcast equipment provider on this update. The installation consists of an Artist-128 mainframe that can support AES67, VoIP, Dante and analog intercom signal; 28 SmartPanel App-driven user interfaces; and 10 Bolero antennas that support 20 intercom beltpacks. Daystar also has a separate Bolero antenna in stand-alone mode to support ENG shoots.

Doug Leake, post audio and audio systems engineer at Daystar, says that the Riedel equipment has improved the floor operators’ ability to communicate with mix positions and technicians.

“The Riedel gear has opened up workflow improvements that were not possible in the past,” Leake said. “Also, with Bolero operating in the DECT range, we have gained back valuable spectrum for our growing wireless mic and in-ear transmitter needs.”

With Artist being equipped with Luminex switches, and Artist and Bolero both supporting AES67 signals, the entire Daystar system is IP-ready, which will help with Daystar’s process of establishing an IP link between its Dallas broadcast center and a studio in Jerusalem expected to come online in June, 2021.