Coupon Exchange Program Launched

Now here’s an idea. A Sunnyville, Calif., company has launched a DTV converter coupon exchange program. Retrovo, a online consumer electronics bazaar offers the Good Neighbor Coupon Exchange program. Retrovo shares the e-mail addresses between the coupon-flush and those likewise deprived, so the parties can make their own exchange arrangements.

“If you have an extra coupon that you are willing to mail to someone or have them pick up, provide us with your email address and ZIP Code and we’ll hook you up with someone who needs one. If you need a coupon, just give us your e-mail address and ZIP Code, and we’ll try and connect you with someone who has an extra coupon,” Retrovo.comstates.

The Web site is intuitive, with two large links declaring “I HAVE... an extra coupon I’d like to donate,” and “I NEED… a coupon.”

The site gives people a three-point quiz to tell whether or not they need a coupon:
“If you have cable or satellite you can go ahead and donate your coupon.
“If you have a newer TV you probably don’t need your coupon. Donate it.
“If you are getting digital TV with an antenna now, your TV is digital and you don’t need a converter box. Donate the coupon."