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Cinegy Launches New Alpha Channel Codec at IBC

AMSTERDAM—Cinegy is introducing its Digital ANImation Encoder Library (DANIEL) codec for use of video with alpha channel at the 2013 IBC Show.

DANIEL is primarily aimed at providing a reliable, scalable and performance optimized codec for the use of video with alpha channel. Common usage includes animations rendered with alpha channel, to be superimposed on live picture or mixed with the output of a video server.

“There is no lack of codecs that are supposedly addressing this: Lagarith, Huffyuv, the good old Matrox VfW software codecs and even AVID’s DNxHD codec has alpha channel capabilities,” says Jan Weigner, managing director and co-founder, Cinegy, a Munich, Germany-based provider of production workflow tools. “The reality until now though was quality, speed and small file size, choose any two. But customers wanted all three; professional quality, faster than real-time playback with low performance overhead and small files. The Cinegy DANIEL codec meets all these requirements.”

After more than nine months of development since its inception, the Daniel codec was first tested internally and then exposed to a wider group of beta testers doing real production environment evaluation. At IBC, the company will launch free, time-limited version of the Daniel codec that can be obtained from the Cinegy website. It is available as AVI (for Windows) or QT (for Mac OS) codec and any popular animation or effects software can use the Daniel codec for creating files.

All of Cinegy’s products have the DANIEL codec integrated by default. Cinegy’s automation and playout product Cinegy Air can use the DANIEL codec files for animated logos or overlays. Any software supporting AVI or QT codec’s can benefit from the DANIEL codec making workflows faster and more efficient.

A paid, commercially supported version of the DANIEL codec will be released in October 2013 for EUR 19 (US$25). A whitepaper detailing the advantages of the Cinegy DANIEL codec compared to other codec’s will be released at the SMPTE 2013 conference in October.

Cinegy will be in Stand 7.A30.