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Camplex Corporation Unveils Two New Coax/Triax Models

Camplex Corporation, the leader in the industry for universal Coax/Triax camera adapter systems, is introducing two new Camplex models. The CP-701 (Component/Composite/SDI) and CP-301C (Composite) replace their previous models. The CP-701 is considered to be the next generation high quality signal multiplexing transition product for HD. Camplex Corporation has significantly improved the video bandwidth performance greater than 42%, the resolution to better than 800 lines, and with better than 63 dB signal to noise ratio.

The new systems were designed under the direction of Camplex Chief Engineer & President, Duane Woodmas. Mr. Woodmas pioneered the development of the television industry’s first camera signal extension system utilizing a single coax cable to multiplex camera video, audio, control data, intercom and power.