Cache-A to Debut LTO-6 Archiving at 2013 HPA Tech Retreat

MORGAN HILL, CALIF. -- Cache-A Corp. will debut the first in its new generation of LTO-6 archive appliances at the 2013 HPA Tech Retreat, Feb. 18-22, Indian Wells, Calif.

LTO-6 cartridges can hold up to 2.5 TB of data natively – an increase of 67 percent over LTO-5, which holds 1.5 TB natively. LTO-6 drives offer a performance hike to 160MBps native data transfer rate, whereas LTO-5 drives work at 140MBps. To accommodate the extra capacity, Cache-A has increased the internal disk cache storage in its appliances – from 4 to 6 TB in Pro-Cache6, while Power-Cache has been upgraded from 8 to 12 TB. Internal disk storage on Pro-Cache6 models can be configured for either RAID 0 or RAID 1, while Power-Cache systems can be configured for either RAID 0 or RAID 5.

Cache-A has carried Linear Tape File System capabilities into its new LTO-6 appliances, along with the industry standard tar format. Cache-A’s LTFS implementation enables cartridge-spanning of large projects and high-speed dubbing for additional copies. Each appliance has Cache-A’s built-in catalog database making it easy for users to track, search and retrieve content across every tape it has seen.

LTO-6 is the sixth generation of Linear-Tape Open technology. LTO was launched in 2000, and has a shelf life of at least 30 years. Cache-A says there are 4 million tape drives in use, plus more the 200 million cartridges sold worldwide.