Broadway Systems releases new ad management software

At the 2011 NAB Show, Broadway Systems will unveil the latest version (7.0) of its software, which brings features a newly engineered Deal Management Cockpit as well as Broadway IQ, a module that leverages real-time operational data to help customers further improve their advertising yields, operating efficiencies and crossplatform management.

With its configurable interface, Broadway’s Deal Management Cockpit helps cable networks easily manage deal complexities. From a single screen, users get a comprehensive view of all deal-related information, providing easy access to key data. Broadway 7.0 also includes enhancements to support advertiser demands for targeted spot placement and transparency reporting.

Broadway IQ, a new suite of tools that leverages real-time operational data to make informed analytical decisions, was engineered to help cable networks improve their advertising yields. For example, customers using Broadway IQ can leverage the unsold units analysis to dynamically analyze the potential revenue from unsold inventory. Using various filters related to capacity, booked and available inventory, as well as impressions and CPM, users can easily create multiple revenue scenarios based on different rate card and sellout assumptions. Other tools, such as returning business analysis, provide similar analytical capabilities specific to the cable network advertising industry.

See Broadway Systems at the 2011 NAB Show in Booth N3421.