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Brigham Young University Selects Abekas Mira Production Servers After Extensive Comparative Testing

Brigham Young University Broadcasting (BYUB), located in Provo, Utah, has purchased a total of twelve channels of Abekas Mira Production Multi-Channel Server. This comprehensive server system consists of three four-channel Mira Production servers.

The selection of the Mira system followed extensive testing and evaluation by the broadcast technical and operational staff at BYUB. Multiple vendors were short-listed, including Abekas, and each competitive system was evaluated based on a number of criteria including; ease-of-use, features & functionality, system configuration & interoperable flexibility, price, and wide codec compatibility. 

Two of the Mira systems will be used in BYU Broadcasting control rooms to play back animated video, key and audio for bumpers, promos, and on-set monitors. Part of the evaluation process was the integration between the Mira Production Servers and Sony MVS switchers. Seamless interoperability makes the interface between the two products one of the fastest and most complete in the industry. The third Mira Production Server will be deployed in BYUB’s HD truck to cover remote production. Again, the Mira will provide video, key and audio playback to the Sony switcher.