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Bitcentral Oasis Reaches Milestone

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF.—Oasis has now facilitated the sharing of over 400,000 stories between news production facilities in the first half of 2013, and even more have been securely deposited at 175 locations around the world.

A typical full system launch is possible in just two days, enabling more locations to go live on a regular basis.

Oasis is built on a hybrid private and public cloud model that enables organizations to access raw and finished stories and archives worldwide.

“We deliver all the tools they need, in their hands, from within their familiar newsroom production environment,” said Rick Young, vice president of sales and product strategy for Bitcentral. “But, even more than that, we empower them to virtually collaborate from the field on laptops and mobile devices, with other facilities and with partner organizations in methods that just are not available, affordably, in any other way."

Oasis enables tight integration with newsroom computer systems, such as AP ENPS and Avid iNews. Video, scripts and metadata move in unison throughout the production process. Oasis breaks down production silos by enabling discovery of critical raw, works in progress and finished assets.

Additionally, Huntsville, Ala., ABC affiliate and Calkins Media member WAAY has gone live on Bitcentral’s Precis 4 and Oasis news production, playout and archive solutions.

Precis 4.0 brings four channels of playout and MOS workflow integration and efficiency to newsrooms. Precis 4.0 integrates with best-of-breed solutions to meet scalable production needs for broadcast, online and mobile.

Precis customers can choose from Adobe’s Premiere Pro for full craft editing or Bitcentral’s browser editor Create, which allows newsrooms to do more with the resources they have. Associated Press’ ENPS and Avid’s iNews are tightly integrated.