Barnfind Technologies Supports Chinese Youth Games

FUZHOU, CHINA—Barnfind Technologies’ BarnOne system served as the signal transport system for the first ever Chinese Youth Games. Installed in the IBC Media Center, BarnOne was responsible for signal transmission, routing, switching and monitoring for the Media Center, 12 stadiums, Fujian sports channel, CCTV sports channel, studio signal and on-site video wall signals.

Multiple BarnOne frames were used as main/redundant O/E signal transport and core signal matrix routing with a number of BarnMini-01 units installed separately in 12 venues, sending the live signal back to the BTF01-04 frames in the IBC Media Center. The BarnOne units and BarnMini throw down boxes distributed the communication between IBC Media Center and surrounding venues.

The first Chinese Youth Games took place from Oct. 18-27 in the Fujian province.

Headquartered in Sandefiord, Norway, Barnfind Technologies is a provider of consumption signal transportation platforms.