Avid Founder Bill Warner Inducted into National Inventors Hall of Fame

WASHINGTON--William Warner, who founded Avid Technology more than three decades ago, was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame last week. He was honored for founding the company and leading the team that developed the first professional NLE, Media Composer. 

Warner's comments upon accepting the honor:

"Inventing is a team sport—no one goes it alone, nor would you want to. I spent the greatest times of my life working with great people.

Avid Founder William Warner

Avid Founder William Warner

"Jeff Bedell, Eric Peters and Joe Rice helped transform an idea into the Avid Media Composer from 1987 to 1989. Now 30 years later, Media Composer is still the standard for TV shows and movies. And three of the people who continued to develop the Avid are here tonight: Tim Claman, Randy Fahan and Rob Gonsalves.

"The team is not just the people who help you invent, it's the people who support your energy and the people above you. My wife Allysa, her sister Jenny and husband David are all here today.

"I said inventing is a team sport. I'll go a step further, it's even better than team sports. Once made, inventions live on for decades even centuries and the team that put it together is changed and improved for their whole lives.

"So only very rare people get to invent, right? It's not true. Inventing is something we all do, in our own ways. And I believe that inventing is the core creativity for humanity.

"We are all in this together, and we all invent to help people. So encourage your peers, your children, yourself to join a great team, the invention team." 

Tom Butts

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