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Avid announces Avid DS v10

Avid Technology has resolved more than 150 software bugs in previous versions and reduced the price of its Avid DS image conforming software. This year is the 10th anniversary of the introduction of the DS system, and Avid is now shipping the latest version.

Designed for high-end post houses for conforming of visual effects for broadcast programming in SD, HD, 2K and 4K resolutions, the DS v10 offers a suite of tools and applications that allow post professionals to handle any job that might come their way.

New features include: multilevel image processing tools for paint, expressions and all types of graphics work; advanced color correction tools, enabling users to perform secondary color correction and isolate specific areas of a scene without affecting the entire frame; and real-time upconversion from SD to HD and vice versa. New formats supported include 1080p at 50fps, 59.94fps and 60fps as well as stereoscopic 3-D images.

The DS v10 software is now sold as a turnkey system. It’s comprised of an eight-processor HP workstation, 8GB of RAM, 3D OpenGL GPU supported by an NVIDIA graphics card as well as a dual-link AJA Video card (for 4:4:4 and HD RGB performance) and 8TB of local attached storage. There’s no external hardware acceleration in DS v10. The company representatives said running on the GPU provides high-res playback capability not found in DS before.

DS tightly integrates with Avid Interplay media manager and allows users to share files between Avid systems. This capability will allow broadcasters to work collaboratively and take advantage of material that has already been ingested into their shared storage system, enabling them to create promotional content with the same assets as the programs themselves for on-air consistency.

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