Autotote Taps DNF For Live Racing

Sylmar, CA--DNF Controls has announced that it has provided a customized 4040CL Clip Fast Access System to Autotote Enterprises at Sports Haven, its multilevel, 38,000-square-foot entertainment multiplex located in New Haven, CT. Within the complex, one or more live feeds from racetracks around the country and the world are shown on four movie-size screens, bringing added excitement to off-track betting with continuous live action.
The compact control solution from DNF allows video technicians at Sports Haven to handle broadcast of simultaneous races by playing out one race live while recording another for delayed playout. Each of the 4040CL's 12 "softkeys" is associated with one of the most common track names. Operators can select from a pre-programmed track list with encoded auto-advance to label a clip quickly and correctly--with little or no typing required--and record it for subsequent playout.
Clips are loaded on the IVDR playback channel, enabling the operator to make a smooth transition from playout of the first race to playout of the beginning of the second race, still in progress. Sports Haven's control solution, which features two record and two playback channels, is also being used for commercial insertion throughout Sports Haven's race broadcasts.
"We wanted to create a one-person control room for broadcast-style television programming, while ensuring the management of any event conflicts effectively," said Paul Fisher, director of technical services at Autotote Enterprises. "We needed a fast way to record and play back clips from concurrent events within a short timeframe. Going with DNF for a customized control solution couldn't have been easier. DNF offers us specific clip-naming capability and smooth operation with our Grass Valley IVDR server, so a single operator can run sharp, up-to-the-minute race broadcasts out of an extremely small workspace."
DNF Controls