Angenieux Celebrates 75th

Angenieux, a French-based provider of high performance broadcast and film lenses is commemorating the company’s 75th anniversary by unveiling a new logo.

The new design was unveiled by François Rochebloine, Member of Parliament for the Loire department and vice-chairman of the departmental council. “The Angenieux brand is part of France’s national heritage,” said Philippe Parain, President, Thales Angenieux. “Throughout the 20th century, it has stood for the design of unique zoom lenses. For today’s more demanding market, Angenieux has leveraged this expertise for the development of high-tech optical systems with the highest quality.”

St. Etienne-based agency QOOQ won the bid to create a new visual identity for Angenieux this year, a process beginning with the development of the new logo. According to Jean-François Martin, artistic director of Studio QOOQ, they chose a geometric font with a rigorous, technical feel, to match the leading-edge technologies mastered by Thales Angenieux. “The rounded letters provide a clear nod in the direction of the world of optics,” said Mr. Martin. “The dominant color is grey, which evokes solidity, as well as technology and modernity. Red is a strong color which conjures up different realms of the imagination, in particular the world of cinema.”

Founded in 1935 by Pierre Angenieux, Angenieux specializes in the design and production of zoom lenses for cinema, television, surveillance and security, as well as night-vision equipment.