AMNS Delivers The Goods With Net Insight Nimbra

Stockholm--Net Insight has announced that Ascent Media Network Services (AMNS) is utilizing Net Insight's Nimbra platform over Broadwing Communications' Media Services Network to provide AMNS' customers realtime video and data transfers. AMNS will rely on Net Insight equipment located at AMNS facilities in New York, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and London, as well as the Net Insight equipment installed on the Broadwing network.
The next-generation SONET/SDH-based Nimbra platform is now being used by media companies like AMNS as well as broadcasters, to meet the growing demand for transporting video-intensive rich media, which uses large amounts of bandwidth. For example, each professional uncompressed video stream requires 270Mbps, which is more than 50 times the requirement for a cable TV movie. The Net Insight solution is the most appropriate for bandwidth-intensive transport, as it delivers over 95% efficiency with guaranteed 100% QoS.
"The Broadwing network and the significant technology contribution being made by Net Insight has significantly enhanced and expanded our capacity to serve existing and prospective customers," said Jerry O'Donnell, vice president, engineering, AMNS.
The platform can transport multiple protocols such as SDI, ASI and IP over the same infrastructure, so as AMNS grows, it can expand its present use or add additional cities, as well as obtain additional capacity from Broadwing.
"We are pleased that AMNS is taking advantage of the high bandwidth efficiency and flexibility of our Nimbra platform," said Tomas Duffy, CEO at Net Insight.
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