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All Mobile Video Outfits Newest HD Mobile Production Unit With PESA

PESA, a leading provider of analog and digital video and audio equipment for broadcast applications, announced that New York City-based All Mobile Video has purchased an extensive array of PESA routing equipment for integration into its newest mobile production truck, a 53-foot expando unit designed for HD operation. The new PESA systems will provide reliable and versatile signal routing during HD production of live sports and entertainment event coverage.

The order includes two 256x256 Cheetah HD digital routing switchers; a TDM3000 large-scale audio routing switcher configured for 256x192 audio, 336x336 AES, and 32x32 timecode support; an Ocelot 8x8 multirate routing switcher configured as a transmission router; and more than 50 remote control panels.

PESA routing equipment is known for providing reliable performance and delivering the functionality required in a compact form factor. Both digital and analog video and audio routing systems from PESA are currently operational in "Crossroads," All Mobile Video's double-sided expando designed to facilitate easier access in tight spaces without compromising on features.

"We went with PESA routing gear when the Cheetah frame was first introduced and again for our newest truck because it provides a lot of routing capability in a small, well-made package and operates under the control of PESA's flexible, comfortable, and highly functional control interface," said All Mobile Video Director of Mobile Operations Lee Blanco. "PESA's cost-effective routing solutions come with complete support, which is very important for mobile divisions because we abuse equipment just by driving it down the road. Over the years, we have found that we can count on PESA to be responsive and address our needs and requests in a timely fashion."