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AJA Furnishing 66 FS1 Converters for Olympics

AJA Video has completed a sale of 66 FS1 converters to systems integrator Applied Electronics for international broadcasts of the Beijing summer Olympic games, AJA said.

Applied Electronics is building custom broadcast transmission studios for YLE (the national broadcaster of Finland) and SVT (the national broadcaster of Sweden) for installation at the international broadcast center in Beijing. Applied Electronics will send a team of engineers to Beijing from June through to September of this year to build turnkey systems for both of these networks, as well as to provide onsite support throughout the Olympics, Aug. 8-24, 2008.

At the end of the Olympic games, AEL will dismantle and return their broadcast equipment—enough to fill two shipping containers—back to headquarters in Canada to be used again for local broadcast clients, and at the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010.

All of the international networks will be receiving a majority of their broadcast content, 40 incoming HD feeds, from the official Beijing Olympics Broadcaster (BOB). Both YLE and SVT are combining footage from their own on-site reporters and crew along with the BOB feed, and will be delivering their Olympic broadcasts in HD. As a result, Applied Electronics needed to source a reliable audio format embedding and de-embedding solution for both networks.

“The FS1 delivers great frame sync at a very low cost,” said Jamie Eason, systems engineer at Applied Electronics. “Another draw to the FS1 is it’s extreme versatility because for live events in a country like China, you need to be prepared for the ‘oh, by the ways’ and with the flexibility of the FS1s we can make changes to the system very easily if need be.”