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54th IEEE Broadcast Symposium Commences Oct. 13

It's that time of year again, when broadcast engineers from around the world converge on Washington, D.C. for the annual IEEE Broadcast Symposium. This year's event, scheduled for Oct. 13-15, will be held at The Hotel Washington on 15th and Pennsylvania Avenues

Among the presenters, TV Technology's own Charlie Rhodes will present a paper Friday afternoon on interference between DTV signals due to intermodulation in receiver front-ends, something he addresses in the Sept. 22 and Oct. 20 issues of TV Technology.

However, Rhodes said, "this paper presents additional material which may be of interest to broadcasters, and seeks to alert them to impending interference problems unless receiver-tuner performance is improved."

Additionally, HDTV over a wireless LAN will be demonstrated at the Symposium. HDTV local distribution will be the subject of the opening session, and a special Wednesday evening session will address DTV repacking and transition issues.