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192TB of reality

ALL3MEDIA AMERICA has purchased the high-performance EditShare XStream shared storage platform for the company’s new post facility located in Culver City, CA. Known for producing hit reality television programs such as “Undercover Boss” (CBS) and “The Pitch” (AMC), ALL3MEDIA AMERICA is expanding its post-production infrastructure to include 25 new Avid edit suites connected to a massive 192TB EditShare XStream system. EditShare will serve as the new facility’s main content repository, providing key project and media sharing capabilities for editors to meet ALL3MEDIA AMERICA’s demanding post schedule and deadlines.

Scalability of the EditShare XStream shared storage platform is ideal for fast-moving companies like ALL3MEDIA AMERICA. Up to four 16-drive Expansion Chassis can be attached to an individual XStream Workflow Director for up to 320-TB in a single XStream server. EditShare’s Extreme Scalable Architecture (ESA), expands XStream’s capacity into the petabytes and is no more complicated than adding additional Workflow Directors to the network. There is no need to upgrade into a different category of storage server or change the way anyone works.

EditShare shared storage systems leverage cost-effective 10-gigabit Ethernet technology, including 10GBaseT (10 gigabit Ethernet over CAT-6A), supporting large stream counts with simplicity. Equally as important for facilities such as ALL3MEDIA who have large Avid editing workgroups is EditShare’s support for Avid Project Sharing. Advanced media sharing capabilities let editors draw on the same central pool of media simultaneously and safely. Editors can freely share raw material, bins and sequences, irrespective of the size of the workgroup. EditShare also provides easy-to-use administration tools for configuring user rights and access privileges. No per-seat licensing removes the limits to the number of users that can access content, allowing facilities to easily scale in terms of technology and resources.

Timeline Digital Editing, a boutique equipment rental company offering expert video technical support services, is spearheading the technical installation and facility build-out for ALL3MEDIA AMERICA.