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16x9 Adds HoldIt To Arsenal

Burbank, CA--16x9, Inc. has a new family of devices to add to its lineup of professional film and digital products. Noga’s HoldIt is a one-touch articulated arm system that can be positioned to virtually any angle, then locked solid.
Available in various sizes, the three-jointed arm system has been precision engineered and manufactured to safely hold and position an array of shooting tools and accessories. With HoldIt, on-camera monitors can be mounted in an infinite variety of angles: raised or lowered, tilted up or down, or swung into position for the clearest viewing. On-camera lights can reach eight or nine inches beyond the hot shoe to more flattering angles. Flags can mount on cameras, stands or other objects in an infinite number of positions.
At the foot of each section is a ball joint for optimum positioning freedom. A variety of optional accessories are available to interface the ball joints, including clamps, magnets, screws, and camera holders. At the heart of the product is a single central knob that simultaneously locks all three joints. The action is intuitive--the user selects an end accessory and affixes the joint on one end to a stationary object and the other end to the item being held. An easy turn of the central knob provides solid lockdown.
HoldIt is available in three lengths: 4.2 inches (107mm), 8.3 inches (211mm), and 9.7 inches (246.5mm). Various mounting accessories are also available. Components are of professional quality and feature a handsome black finish. Noga products are manufactured in Israel and distributed exclusively in the U.S. and Canada by 16x9, Inc. at 3403 West Pacific Avenue, Burbank, CA 91505, Phone: 818/972-2839, Fax: 818/972-2832
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