Vendor View, Amir Aharonovich, VBox Communication

New at IBC: We are launching a new line of TV Gateways that enable the convergence of live broadcast TV and OTT, multi-screen and multi-platform. The TV Gateway enhances the OTT service with live TV and provides consumers a single TV platform for both their day-to-day TV and premium OTT content.

Our goal is for the Gateway to become the central hub for TV content at home, streaming live broadcast TV to all devices over the IP network: TV sets based on the new Android TV, media streamers such as Amazon Fire (which will be able to access both their OTT service and live TV feed), and mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, PCs, Macs and game consoles.

Initial thoughts on 4K/8K: The market acceptance and penetration of UHD is slow because of the large installed base of SD and HD set-top boxes and end devices. People are reluctant to invest in a new set-top-box for each TV.

We hope that our line of TV Gateways will replace all the set-top-boxes with a single network live TV router at the user’s home. This could accelerate UHD adoption, as investing in a single device eliminates the need to upgrade each end-device. It also enhances the user’s TV experience with Whole House PVR and multi-screen, multi-device content.

Favourite bar, pub or restaurant in Amsterdam: I enjoy going to Bar Americain at the Amsterdam American Hotel. It has a good vibe and it’s a great place for post-show meetings and closing deals over a good drink.

How many IBCs to date; any IBC trade show tips: This will be our fifth IBC show. During the show there is not much time to eat. If you don’t have a restaurant reservation, I’ve found that going after 6 pm will give you a better chance of finding a table at a good spot.