Social IBC for Pixel Power

Pixel Power says it hopes to transform social media integration with the launch of Buzz at IBC 2014. Buzz is a software accessory for Pixel Power’s range of graphics-based playout devices which makes it simple to scan, moderate and broadcast social media interactions. Before tweets and other audience comments can be broadcast they have to be selected to ensure only the most relevant and appropriate make it to the screen. Existing solutions to do this tend to be complex, costly and time consuming to implement, says Pixel Power.

Buzz transforms this by using an integration approach and a user interface so simple that little training is required. Multiple social media feeds are consolidated, and because Buzz is integrated within a Pixel Power graphics device users can accept, format and publish messages with a single click.

Ahead of its formal launch Buzz is already being used by TV Guide Network during live coverage of the Big Brother house for ‘Big Brother After Dark.’ Pixel Power says it has designed Buzz as the ‘clever, not complicated option,’ that gets social media on air using a graphics template to match the look of the show.

“Producers everywhere recognise the importance of social media,” said James Gilbert, CEO of Pixel Power. “To be able to take what your audience is saying about you and put it on screen quickly and safely is a huge advantage. Buzz puts this at anyone’s fingertips.”

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Mark Hallinger