Omnitek at IBC: Waveform Advancements, 4K Testing Tool Box

OmniTek’s latest OTM and OTR waveform analysis and signal generation systems offer everything from an entry-level SD/HD waveform, vectorscope gamut and video status monitor through to a full specification waveform analyser capable of handling the latest 2K video standards, all on the same platform. This is achieved through licence options providing, for example, support for digital cinema through the addition of XYZ colour space, gamut histograms and a CIE

Chart drawing facility. Test signal capture and generation are similarly added to the OTM/OTR through the installation of software options, as are lip-sync measurement and the analysis of audio features such as programme loudness.

Also new is the OmniTek Ultra 4K Tool Box, a small box packed with features for the analysis, display, conversion and generation of signals up to 4K/60p. The 4K Tool Box supports all current and anticipated 4K video formats up to 4096 x 2160/60p and has ports supporting a wide variety of connection formats – multi-rate SDI (including dual 6G and quad 3G for 4K/60), HDMI and Display Port – for both video source and display. The Tool Box can either be controlled via the HDMI port or from a web browser.

Stand 6.A18