Many Pebble Beach announcements at IBC2014

Pebble Beach Systems’ new suite of Web Client tools will be launched at IBC2014. The tools can be used for straightforward monitoring of a single playlist, up to highly granular remote control of multiple Marina automation systems and Dolphin integrated channel devices across geographically

dispersed locations.

Created using HTML5 and the latest Web Server technology, these tools are designed to offer high visibility and access to systems of all sizes and architectures on PC or tablet devices using Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. The suite also incorporates a proxy streamer that provides a view of multiple IP streaming outputs within Marina’s web access environment. Proxy streams can be taken from Dolphin integrated channel devices or from other compatible video servers under Marina control, all of which may be located in different places

Also new is the ‘Lighthouse,’monitoring by exception dashboard. Designed to alert Marina operators clearly and unambiguously to upcoming problems, Lighthouse is the new dashboard display tool that monitors by exception. It aggregates all lists within the system, displaying a dashboard of the next problem on any list, and enables early intervention in the case of, for example, validation errors, timing anomalies or missing media alerts. With more channels being controlled by fewer operators, Lighthouse maximises the opportunity for early error detection and safeguards the smooth playout of all channels.

Also on show will be a new plug-in for real time 3D graphics creation for dolphin integrated channel device under Marina control, and the show will be the European debut for Marina Lite automation, which is optimised for small scale systems of up to 4 channels.

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