IBC2014: Imagine Communications Brings IP-Transition Technology

AMSTERDAM — Imagine Communications announced the following at IBC:

· The launch of Zenium for Microsoft Azure Media Services, a software-defined workflow management platform enables customers to design cloud-based media processing applications and services.
· The release of the Landmark Express suite of ad sales, rights and scheduling solutions for small and mid-sized broadcasters.
· Sky Italia deployed Imagine’s Magellan SDN Orchestrator, allowing it to integrate and manage a distribution system for both ASI and IP transport streams.
· Sky Media went with Imagine’s Landmark sales system to bring VoD services onto existing linear system.
· Al Rayyan tapped Imagine for end-to-end master control and playout.

Additionally, Imagine unveiled the latest version of Nexio Channelbrand multichannel branding platform. Nexio Channelbrand is the first Imagine Communications offering to feature cross-platform animation builder capabilities, which enable an integrated approach to graphics template creation and allow for simplified and streamlined workflows from creation to air.

Imagine also is introducing Magellan SDN Orchestrator for managing hybrid baseband and IP facilities, and VersioCloud, an integrated cloud playout platform that comprises branding, graphics, automation, and server capabilities, with integrated support from Magellan and Selenio processing and compression technology, allowing transparent management of hybrid SDI, ASI, and IP content, providing a seamless on-ramp and off-ramp between IP and legacy baseband transport to advance the transition to IP.

Imagine’s final IBC debut is the Nexio Ingest Site, a set of flexible software tools for managing content ingest and storage. When integrated with Imagine Communications’ Nexio Studio Suiteand video servers, the application enables users to more easily manage video assets that have been ingested and utilize them for live and studio-based production environments.