IBC2014: Advantech Demonstrates Real-Time UHDTV HEVC Video Coding

AMSTERDAM — Advantech will be demonstrating 4K video processing at IBC. The 64-core DSP-8682, capable of processing five channels of AVC-Intra 100, 10-bit, 4:2:2 at 60 fps, is now said to perform live 4K HEVC encoding in a single full-length PCIe card.

HEVC encoding requires several times more processing resources than H.264. By embedding Advantech’s multi-core digital signal processing, or DSP cards, video infrastructure equipment manufacturers can exploit the parallel nature of the H.265 standard. TI’s codec implementation partitions encoding/decoding tasks to take advantage of not only multiple cores within a single DSP but also cores across multiple DSPs. Advantech’s scalable software framework supports the distribution of video processing tasks even further, across multiple video cards. This software modularity leverages high-density designs with fast inter-DSP communications and high-bandwidth host interconnects providing unique acceleration to scalable HEVC solutions.

Advantech’s fully programmable platforms also offer unrivaled flexibility. Fast-to-deploy DSP-8681, DSP-8682, DSP-8683 and DSP-8684 add-in cards have being continuously adding improved support for multiple codecs -including H.265/HVEC, H.264/AVC, MPEG-4 and JPEG2000-, resolutions -from SD to UHD- and qualities - from low-latency video conferencing to broadcasting. This upgradability guarantees the investment return by supporting customers’ coding enhancements on a single long-life platform.

“Having moved out from the lab and in to production, the journey of HEVC has just started; the second version of the standard, completed in July 2014, includes range extensions, scalable coding extensions and 3D/multiview video coding,” said David Lin, senior director of DSP solutions for Advantech. “Advantech’s hardware designs have the processing headroom to adapt to evolving standards offering outstanding scalability, time-to-market and upgradability.”

Advantech will be demonstrating its media processing engines at booth # 9.C22 in Hall 9.