Zaxcom TRX900 wireless with internal recording now shipping

Zaxcom is now shipping its TRX900 wireless microphone system with the Zaxcom Recording Wireless feature. This patent-pending option records up to 12 hours of audio directly to an internal memory card for later use in postproduction, eliminating concern about audio loss due to RF or EMI interference during transmission.

The system's new internal recording capability is particularly useful for reality TV productions or other programming where ad-lib dialogue is used frequently. Because the audio is recorded directly to the body pack, there's no chance of missing anything, even if the sound mixer wasn't expecting dialogue from a given sound source. The sound mixer's job is further simplified because perfect reception is no longer a concern, which should significantly reduce the need for expensive callbacks for re-recording.

The TRX900 system features an ultra-compact design and will operate for up to five hours on a single battery. The units are completely remote controllable, allowing production staff to stop recording, replay audio or begin recording all while the actor is wearing the body pack. Each TRX900 system has a timecode receiver to ensure that all units are precisely synchronized with each other and with the cameras.

The Zaxcom Recording Wireless feature uses a mobile audio recording format developed by Zaxcom that prevents the burnout of memory cards typically experienced with other computer-based file systems. This unique file format also ensures that the system is fault tolerant, allowing users to recover audio from the memory card even when recording is stopped abruptly because of power loss.

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