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Xintekvideo - SDI-313 transcoder

Xintekvideo’s SDI-313 universal analog/digital/analog transcoder provides color encoding, color decoding, format transcoding, analog-to-SDI, and SDI-to-analog conversion all in one unit.

The SDI-313 can convert SDI video into both 525/60 NTSC and 625/50 PAL signals, as well as convert any analog format (component or composite, NTSC or PAL) into SDI.

The unit samples at a 27 MHz rate and converts with 10-bit quantizing accuracy. It features with five-line adaptive comb filtering and 12-bit processing accuracy. An internal color bar generator is included in the 1 RU package, and outputs are provided for simultaneously delivering component and composite signals.

For additional information, contact Xintevideo Inc. at 203-348-9229 or visit