XenData Unveils SXL LTO-6 Archiving Systems

WALNUT CREEK, CALIF.—XenData has released a new line of LTO archiving systems targeted for the media and entertainment industries. This SXL product line is based on the company’s SX-10 archive appliance and LTO-6 drives or robotic LTO-6 robotic libraries and comprises five models. All connect to a 1 GigE network and are designed to make writing to and restoring from LTO as easy as writing to a network-attached disk storage system.

The archiving systems are available in a single external LTO drive configuration all the way to a model that employs dual internal LTO drives and an HP 24-slot LT O library providing 57.5 terabytes of near-line storage.

All of the new SXL systems write to either 2.5 TB LTO-6 cartridges or to 1.5 TB LTO-5 cartridges using the LTFS exchange format or the TAR open standard format and are capable of managing an unlimited number of external cartridges. An archival storage lifetime of 30 years is claimed for this storage media.