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XenData to offer new archiving solutions for Windows 7 OS

At NAB (booth N6609) XenData, a provider of digital video archive software, will demonstrate a full range of digital video archive solutions, including its new XenData6 product.

To be exhibited for the first time at NAB, XenData’s new software seamlessly manages an LTO tape drive connected to a Windows 7 computer and provides easy-to-use functionality for archiving, restoration and tape management, making archiving to LTO tape as easy as dragging and dropping files and folders within Windows Explorer. XenData6 software will be available to North American users within a XenData digital archive system, the X800, which also includes an external LTO drive, interface card and cable and LTO media.

XenData6 will be available worldwide via XenData’s authorized system integrators and OEM partners. OEM partners offering XenData6 solutions include Global Distribution, Playbox Technology and SM Data.

Also on display will be the company’s digital video archive server solutions that manage one or more LTO tape libraries and provide highly scalable storage for digital video assets. XenData’s archives are compatible with both Windows and Mac environments and work with a broad range of media asset managers, video servers, automation and editing systems.

XenData partners with companies that provide complementary software or embed XenData software within their solutions. XenData’s software partners that are exhibiting at NAB2010 include: Aveco (N2138), Avid (SU902), Cinegy (SL2725), Dalet Digital (SL4720), Fission Software (N7029), Nverzion (N729), Omneon (N5106), Pharos (N3719), Metus and Playbox (N5829), Quantel (SL6505), Snell Group (N1820), TMD (N3716), Vector 3 (N6132), Volicon (SU5302), vsn (N4616), Sienna (N1323, SU2002, N3807, N3100, N161 and on the XenData booth).

Partners that embed XenData software within their digital video archive solutions include Global Distribution (on the XenData booth N6609), Rorke Data (SL9629) and root6 (SL4428).