XenData to launch video archive at NAB2010

XenData will launch of its X800, a new cost-effective archiving system that stores video files on LTO data tape, at NAB2010. XenData X800 provides a solution for tape backup in applications where the cost of an automated tape load or robotic library is unwarranted.

The X800 system has an external 800GB LTO-4 tape drive that connects to a Windows computer. The key to the solution is XenData’s new XenData6 software, which provides easy to use archive, restore and tape management functionality. Archiving to LTO tape is as easy as dragging and dropping files and folders to the tape drive using Windows Explorer. Similarly, files and folders may be restored from tape by dragging and dropping to any available local logical drive or network.

See XenData at the 2010 NAB Show in Booth N6609.