XenData Debuts CX-10 Hybrid Cloud Storage Appliance

WALNUT CREEK, CALIF.—XenData is providing consumers with a storage system that manages files both on-premises and in the cloud with the launch of its CX-10 Appliance. The hybrid file appliance manages a single system across two storage tiers: 10TB of on-premises RAID and unlimited Microsoft Azure blob storage.

The CX-10 features configurable RAID retention policies that determine what files are written to the cloud, local RAID or both, allowing users to set policy rules for different types of files and folders. RAID retention policies keep frequently accessed files on local storage. When a project is completed, retention policies may be updated to replace the project files held on disk with sparse files, freeing up local disk storage while maintaining immediate access to the content from the cloud.

XenData Cloud File Gateway software is run on a Windows 10 operating system for the CX-10. The system is presented as a logical drive letter that can be accessed locally or as one or more Windows network shares. It also includes certified integration options for a range of media applications and supports partial file restore. Additional features include scalability, file sharing and security, and internet bandwidth optimization.

The 1U rack mount unit comes with two mirrored enterprise class 10TB disks for the on-premises storage and a solid-state boot volume and two USB 3.0 ports. The base model has two 1 GbE network ports, with options available for additional 10 GbE ports.

XenData is offering the CX-10 for $6,950, including 12 months of onsite support and subscription for the XenData Cloud File Gateway. XenData will showcase the CX-10 at IBC 2017.