Wohler Racks Up Monitors

Wohler Technologies is rack-ready.

"We have six major new products in the audio and video spheres," said Cian de BuitlÚir, marketing manager for Wohler Technologies and PANORAMAdtv. "We've combined an audio and video monitor in one unit that requires only 1 RU of space."

The new AVMFlex Series offers audio monitoring and LCD video monitoring. The company's new VPOD LCD video monitor fits a 6.8-inch LCD screen into 1 RU. The monitor is attached to the main chassis via a flexible gooseneck. Screen sizes are available in 4, 5.6, 6.8 and 7 inches.

"This is going to solve problems for people out there who just can't get the monitoring in that they need," said de BuitlÚir. "We're making the rack-space requirements substantially smaller than the screen."

"Essentially what we do is provide compact and convenient monitoring for anybody ... any protocol they may have, said Carl J. Dempsey, vice president of Wohler Technologies and PANORAMAdtv.

Wohler also showed the new PENPAL-sdi, touted as "the world's smallest SDI video and audio test signal generator."

"It produces 26 test patterns," said Dempsey. "It fits right into your shirt pocket - and you don't even need a pocket protector!"

Wohler recently released the VAMP2-SDA, offering the ability to monitor both audio and video from two selectable SDI digital and two composite analog video sources in a 2 RU unit. The AMP-S8 series of multichannel audio monitors is also on display at the show, offering eight-channel audio monitoring and conversion along with level metering in a 1 RU or 2 RU rack-space chassis.

NAB2003 was also the backdrop for Wohler's release of its range of audio alarm systems. The ALM series provides a combination of audio alarms for audio loss, over-range and phase error with the LM series of in-rack level metering units.

The company is addressing HD audio challenges with what they call "the world's first HD-SDI audio monitor." The AMP2-S8HDA was also on display at Wohler's booth.
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