WISI to feature Streamline DVB-IP gateway

The Wilhelm Sihn Jr. Group (WISI) will showcase its Streamline DVB-IP gateway, a stand-alone IP streamer for DVB transport stream signals, at IBC2009.

The Streamline DVB-IP gateway provides six input slots that can be fitted with various DVB front ends, including IP, DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-T, DVB-C, ASI, SDI or AV encoder. A dedicated common interface slot is available for each input signal stream.

Each input stream is encapsulated into IP packets. The integrated manageable switch aggregates these DVB-IP transport streams to a GigE output stream. This stream is ready for contribution multiprogram transport stream and distribution single-program transport stream in carrier or hospitality networks, respectively.

The system enables the reception and distribution of up to 192 TV channels via IP and can be used as a broadcast feed solution for supplying IPTV systems.

See WISI at IBC2009 in the IPTV-Zone Pod 503.