Winsted Releases New Version of Design Software

Winsted, the Minneapolis-based manufacturer of technical furniture and designer of ergonomic workspaces has released its new free design tool: WELS.

WELS, "Winsted Equipment Layout Software," is an interactive software tool that makes technical furniture design, layout, and configuration easy. The new software, WELS Version 3.4, includes Black System/85 parts, the ability to display images on LCD and monitor screens in layouts, equipment images on rack mount electronics, a new custom rack mount electronics editor, semi-transparent walls, multi-line labels, and numerous new parts and accessories, according to the company.

The software, which is available online, allows the user to select components from Winsted's extensive catalog of consoles, racks, desks, and accessories -- then point and click to complete your custom design. The company said WELS provides full 3D design, part lists, design specification sheets, and will export as AutoCAD DWG files for 2D and 3D application.