Volicon Upgrades Observer

Volicon recently announced the release of the Observer RPM 800, the newest member of the company's line of Observer RPM remote content monitoring systems. The RPM 800 is capable of scanning 72 television channels per minute.

Volicon, known for its work in media monitoring, recording, streaming and archiving systems, claims that the device can scan the entire lineup of a typical cable television system within five minutes.

"The broadcast and cable market is highly competitive, and digital monitoring of the on-air broadcast has become a vital tool in ensuring the quality and integrity of signals delivered to viewers," said Julius Perl, Volicon's vice president of marketing. "With the Observer RPM 800, we're providing a new level of speed and, in turn, enabling MSO and cable operators to be faster and more proactive in responding to channel failures."

The device is contained in a 3 RU chassis and is based on technology used in other Volicon Observer monitoring products. It can monitor audio and video content of hundreds of channels, notify an operator if something is out of conformance to prescribed limits and also record content.